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How to choose a kid's bike

How to choose a kid's bike

For basic knowledge of selection of children's bikes will help this text, if you want to ask for further details or consult your selection, we will we serve directly in our high street stores Skibi.
At the shop you can browse in the department of children's bikes .
The first word, the first step in the first round. These are the milestones on that as parents certainly eager rejoice with them and record them for future observation. To make it in the first round was quite pleasant reminder, it is necessary to choose a small bicycle. Find out how!

Kids bike for peace

You have to start sizes. This fact is crucial to ensure that a child could turn (right) control. And how do you know? Let the child straddling the top tube with your feet on the ground. Between the pipe and the child's crotch should be about two inches of space. If it is more, the bicycle is small, if less, the wheel is still too large. Also important is the distance from the saddle to the handlebar. Small adept cycling sport should be seated in the saddle can easily grasp the handlebars. Seat height adjust, especially in small children so that the child's feet on the ground.

Bounce - when the child is still on the small round

The smallest kids bikes are the Twelve, as it is produced outside the penalty area, and twenty čtyřiadvacítky. The number indicates the rim diameter in inches. If the child is still small and the smallest bike available, ie twelve, start to bounce .

Table size children's bikes

Table of wheel sizes according to height and age:

Children's bicycles 12 "

Bicycles with wheels of diameter 12'' is the smallest on the market. Their passengers often still need to balance wheels, these bikes because they are equipped with. Wheels, however, can easily take off or Raise the that the child had full support and develop their sense of balance.
Twelve of course, still do not comb or rear brake, which could well child 'neumáčklo'. The brake is therefore re-engagement pedal, which is natural for children. Yet twelve are equipped with front brake lever. That children often fail to press at the beginning, but gradually it is possible to learn and apply the brakes using the brake lever.
Because bezepčnosti smallest cyclists would not miss dvanáctkách secure handlebar ends and plastic chain guard, who like to rock the whole chain.
Round should allow sufficient scope to adjust the saddle height, and also the handlebars. Bicycle so the child can "grow".
The smallest size of children's bikes are served in the department of children bicycles 12 " .

Sixteen - Children Bikes 16 "

These are children's bikes that are just larger copies twelves. They have the same equipment, the difference is only in the size of the wheels. As an indication suit children aged 4 to 6 years. Frame geometry is usually followed by a 12 "baby you just get on a bigger bike smoothly handle. Due to the larger diameter wheels with better child overcome a slightly greater distance and greater inequality bike better moves.
See the section shop in the round of 16 children .

Twenties - Children Bikes 20 "

Twenties they involve the evolution of a small 'homo Bicyclus' significant shift. Besides single-variant does can be equipped with a comb with six gears. Swapping gears is usually carried out easily by turning the handlebar grip. Like the adults around are already equipped with two lever brake and freewheel hub. The child no longer has to learn to brake only "small" lever brakes. The reward for his newly acquired skills can be suspension fork that will bring him more comfort when driving off-road.
Boys and girls bikes this size browse in the Department of Children Bikes 20 " .

Children's bicycles 24 "

The largest machine in the children's category of the equipment already in no way on par with wheels for adult. They have a front derailleur and rear derailleur, two hand brakes and suspension fork. On čtyřiadvacítce already can feel free to take your child with you on a long ride.
These bikes can be found in the department of children bicycles 24 " .

Junior bikes

When a child outgrows čtyřiadvacítku must jump into the deep end of the world 'adults' bicycles. The smallest frames in this category (adult bikes are already playing on the diameter of the wheels, but they are numbered according to the length of the seat tube, again in an overseas unit of length) measures 13 "inches, comes to mind even the 15" or 15.5 inch rims.

Kids bike is an investment

Kids bike certainly is not the cheapest matter is, however, it should be seen as an investment in future All sports and cycling offspring. This does not meant that the return on this investment should represent the laurels of the Tour de France around your neck - that time has grown up - little children, rather it's a healthy sport development and future enjoyment of the sport and a healthy lifestyle. Then you can go wrong, for example by a child buy a bigger bike than it should have, that it lasted as long as possible. Yes, the bike will last longer and not fun to drive, which you can contact resistance even if the child will have at the beginning of combat excessive and heavy bicycle, or remarkably cheap products on which will work well perhaps this is the price as marketing crib. Watch therefore always closely the quality of the frame children's bikes and what are the components on the bike.

The bike helmet least

Choosing wheels have successfully behind us, but do not get carried away by euphoria and abilities of the child before you run away from the nearest hills, at least a bicycle helmet . In the event of a fall also comes in handy gloves, which are also a good prevention against battered palms.
Security also help reflectors and a bell, to a low count of basic equipment and bike bottle with a basket to fit.
If you are unsure of the correct selection of children's bikes, we welcome you in our stores Skibi Kids, where our trained dealers help and advise.

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